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Question 1

The desire to reform social welfare has occurred repeatedly throughout history. During the conservative resurgence, efforts to reform welfare comprehensively or to create/reform specific programs generally failed. Name 3 examples of efforts to reform or create/reform programs, discuss the concept behind these reforms, what the advantage was of the reform, why the reform was unable to be passed and an idea for what might have resulted in success for the reform.

Question 2

The Social Security Act was established to provide work related benefits income to aged and disabled Americans. The expansion of this in 1972 guaranteed some level of income to those that were elderly or disabled with inadequate work history. When have there been deficits in funds for Social Security? What steps have been taken to correct this? When has this been compromised? What steps may be taken in the future to preserve the integrity of what this program was designed to do and what are the difference in the 2 main political parties viewpoints of what should occur?

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