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Author Question: In 1994, Republicans were victorious in the election based on their "Contract with America." As a ... (Read 75 times)


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Question 1

The New Right within the Republican Party focused on the problem of illegitimacy by dwelling on the:
◦ Opportunity structures for poor teens.
◦ Inadequacy of reproductive services.
◦ Incentive of AFDC to have more children.
◦ Availability of sex education classes.

Question 2

In 1994, Republicans were victorious in the election based on their "Contract with America." As a result, the US saw:
◦ Higher taxes for the middle-class and tax breaks for commerce and industry.
◦ A major overall and strengthening of business regulations.
◦ Overt attacks on women and the poor in the passage of welfare reform legislation.
◦ An increase in wasteful spending on military and defense projects.

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