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Question 1

The Social Security Act of 1935
  A. did not begin making payments to participants for years.
  B. covered all full-time working American citizens.
  C. initially only offered a pension for retired workers.
  D. originally included a program for universal health-care.
  E. was opposed by President Franklin Roosevelt as being too costly.

Question 2

The Works Progress Administration provided federal assistance to
  A. animal trainers and veterinarians.
  B. artists and sculptors.
  C. artists, sculptors, writers, and musicians.
  D. grooms and jockeys.
  E. writers and musicians.

Question 3

In 1937, regarding the organizing of industrial labor,
  A. a key strike against Republic Steel of Chicago succeeded in winning union recognition.
  B. the Memorial Day Massacre saw striking U.S. Steel employees killed by police.
  C. small steel companies more quickly unionized than did large steel companies.
  D. the great majority of strikes were settled in favor of the unions.
  E. the effort to organize the steel industry proved easier than organizing in the auto industry.

Question 4

During the 1937 sit-down strike of General Motors, the federal government
  A. actively sided with the strikers.
  B. actively sided with the company.
  C. negotiated a settlement through federal arbitration.
  D. refused to intervene in the dispute.
  E. assumed control of the plant.

Question 5

During the 1930s, the sit-down strike
  A. All these answers are correct.
  B. was upheld by the courts and state governments.
  C. was eventually broken by the Michigan National Guard.
  D. was first used in the steel industry.
  E. was a new and controversial labor tactic.

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Answer 1


Answer 2


Answer 3


Answer 4


Answer 5



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YES! Correct, THANKS for helping me on my review


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Thanks for the timely response, appreciate it


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