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Question 1

The Tennessee Valley Authority of 1933
  A. saw private farmers and business leaders dominate its planning process.
  B. was one of the costliest failures of the Roosevelt administration.
  C. was headed by former electricity magnate Samuel Insull.
  D. was an experiment in regional planning by the federal government.
  E. was the most controversial program of the early New Deal.

Question 2

The New Deal program that created utility cooperatives for rural Americans was the
  A. Farm Security Administration.
  B. Resettlement Administration.
  C. Civilian Conservation Corps.
  D. Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act.
  E. Rural Electrification Administration.

Question 3

The Agricultural Adjustment Act
  A. failed to improve farm prices.
  B. favored small farm operations over large ones.
  C. was declared unconstitutional in large part by the Supreme Court.
  D. protected tenant farmers.
  E. fostered further instability in the agricultural economy.

Question 4

The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933
  A. provided farmers with free seed and fertilizer.
  B. set minimum prices for retailers purchasing farm products.
  C. created government warehouses where farmers could store their crops and use them as collateral.
  D. offered financial incentives to farmers who improved their production yields.
  E. sought to raise crop prices by paying farmers not to plant.

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Answer 1


Answer 2


Answer 3


Answer 4



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