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Question 1

President Herbert Hoover responded to the onset of the Great Depression by
  A. urging a program of voluntary cooperation from business leaders.
  B. calling for a system of social security to alleviate individual suffering.
  C. calling for a tax increase to prevent a federal deficit.
  D. shutting down the bank system until confidence in it could be restored.
  E. proposing a series of economic reform programs.

Question 2

As Herbert Hoover began his presidency, he
  A. feared a depression.
  B. called for voluntary guidelines to stabilize the stock market.
  C. renounced his earlier policy of associationalism.
  D. considered the country's economic future bright.
  E. assumed the economy might suffer a mild recession.

Question 3

During the 1930s, American literature
  A. adopted a more pessimistic, although no less radical, approach to society in the later 1930s.
  B. faced censorship laws that suppressed criticisms of American politics and culture.
  C. offered a greater degree of social commentary than did either radio or movies.
  D. saw most popular books and magazines focus on the Great Depression.
  E. saw photographic magazines lose much of their readership due to the high cost of each issue.

Question 4

During the 1930s, the most important group within the Popular Front was
  A. Americans for Democratic Action.
  B. the Communist Party.
  C. the Progressive Party.
  D. the Socialist Party.
  E. the Federation of Labor.


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Answer 1


Answer 2


Answer 3


Answer 4


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