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Question 1

The practice of welfare capitalism in the 1920s involved most industrial workers.
  Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

Question 2

In the 1920s, Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon succeeded in
  A. eliminating half of the WWI debt.
  B. cutting taxes on corporate profits and personal incomes.
  C. All these answers are correct.
  D. both eliminating half of the federal debt and dramatically trimming the federal budget.
  E. dramatically trimming the federal budget.

Question 3

Throughout the 1920s, the federal government
  A. supported the right of workers to organize as unions.
  B. experienced a budget decrease, yet an increase in debt.
  C. saw leaders of business take prominent positions in the federal government.
  D. saw an increase in the budget and the national debt.
  E. isolated itself from the business community.

Question 4

Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge were similar in
  A. both their personalities and their passive approach to the presidency.
  B. None of these answers is correct.
  C. their personalities.
  D. ethics.
  E. their passive approach to the presidency.

Question 5

During the Harding administration, the Teapot Dome scandal involved
  A. the illegal sale of timber rights.
  B. political blackmail.
  C. transfers of national oil reserves.
  D. the secret sale of armaments to Nicaragua.
  E. graft in federal construction contracts.

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Answer 1


Answer 2


Answer 3


Answer 4


Answer 5



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Both answers were spot on, thank you once again


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