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Author Question: The Scopes trial of 1925 was a legal battle concerning the conflict between A. blacks and whites. ... (Read 3 times)


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Question 1

In the 1920s, the noble experiment referred to
  A. political isolationism.
  B. laws to restrict child labor.
  C. the Equal Rights Amendment for women.
  D. the prohibition of alcohol.
  E. female suffrage.

Question 2

Which of the following is true of the passage and application of the Eighteenth Amendment, which prohibited the sale of alcohol?
  A. Many of the middle-class progressives who had originally supported prohibition began to oppose the experiment.
  B. All these answers are correct.
  C. Organized crime gained exclusive access to an enormous, lucrative industry.
  D. It reduced drinking in some areas of the country.
  E. It remained in effect for thirteen years.

Question 3

The Scopes trial of 1925 was a legal battle concerning the conflict between
  A. blacks and whites.
  B. creationism and evolution.
  C. urban and rural society.
  D. U.S. Steel and the Amalgamated Steelworkers' Union.
  E. nativists and immigrants.

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