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Question 1

During the 1920s, products that grew dramatically in use in the United States included
  A. All these answers are correct.
  B. electronics.
  C. plastics.
  D. home appliances.
  E. synthetic fibers.

Question 2

During the 1920s, airplanes
  A. saw the development of the first experimental jet engines.
  B. had no practical use.
  C. experienced a great increase in commercial travel.
  D. were largely a source of entertainment.
  E. were used almost exclusively for military purposes.

Question 3

During the 1920s, the trend toward industrial consolidation
  A. bypassed the steel and automobile industries.
  B. encouraged new competition.
  C. emerged most rapidly in industries that were less dependent on technology.
  D. was most pronounced in industries dependent on large-scale mass-production.
  E. slowed considerably throughout the decade.

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