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Question 1

The figure shows a pV diagram for 2.9 g of ideal oxygen gas O2 in a sealed container. The temperature of state 1 is 76° C, the atomic mass of the oxygen atom is 16 g/mol, and R = 8.31 J/mol ∙ K.  What are the temperatures T3 and T4?

◦ 260° C and 790° C
◦ 38° C and 110° C
◦ -11° C and 510° C
◦ 57° C and 170° C

Question 2

The figure shows a pV diagram for 0.98 mol of ideal gas that undergoes the process 1 → 2. The gas then undergoes an isochoric heating from point 2 until the pressure is restored to the value it had at point 1. What is the final temperature of the gas? (R = 8.31 J/mol ∙ K).

◦ 380°C
◦ -160°C
◦ 110°C
◦ 12°C

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