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Author Question: Three point charges, -2.00 C, +4.00 C, and +6.00 C, are located along the x-axis as shown in the ... (Read 146 times)


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Question 1

A 6.9 μC negative point charge has a positively charged particle in an elliptical orbit about it. If the mass of the positively charged particle is and its distance from the point charge varies from to , what is the maximum potential difference through which the positive object moves?
◦ 19 MV
◦ 3.9 MV
◦ 12 MV
◦ -5.2 MV

Question 2

Three point charges, -2.00 μC, +4.00 μC, and +6.00 μC, are located along the x-axis as shown in the figure. What is the electric potential (relative to infinity) at point P due to these charges? (k = 1/4πε0

◦ +154 kV
◦ +307 k V
◦ -307 kV
◦ 0.00 kV
◦ -154 kV

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