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In any production process in which one or more workers are engaged in a variety of tasks, the total time spent in production varies as a function of the size of the workpool and the level of output of the various activities. In a large metropolitan department store, it is believed that the number of man-hours worked (y) per day by the clerical staff depends on the number of pieces of mail processed per day (x1) and the number of checks cashed per day (x2). Data collected for n = 20 working days were used to fit the model:

E(y) = β0 + β1x1 + β2x2

A printout for the analysis follows:
Analysis of Variance

ROOT MSE16.34503R-SQUARE0.6095
DEP MEAN 93.92682 ADJ R-SQ 0.5636
C.V. 17.40188

Parameter Estimates

Test to determine if there is a positive linear relationship between the number of man-hours worked, y, and the number of checks cashed per day, x2. Use α = .05.

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