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A drug company developed a honey-based liquid medicine designed to calm a child's cough at night.  To test the drug, 105 children who were ill with an upper respiratory tract infection were randomly selected to participate in a clinical trial. The children were randomly divided into three groups - one group was given a dosage of the honey drug, the second was given a dosage of liquid DM (an over-the-counter cough medicine), and the third (control group) received a liquid placebo (no dosage at all). After administering the medicine to their coughing child, parents rated their children's cough diagnosis as either better or worse. The results are shown in the table below:


In order to determine whether the treatment group is independent of the coughing diagnosis, a two-way chi-square test was conducted. Use the chi-square distribution to determine the rejection region for this test when testing at α = 0.025.
◦ Reject H0 if χ2 > 7.37776
◦ Reject H0 if χ2 > 5.99147
◦ Reject H0 if χ2 > 9.34840
◦ Reject H0 if χ2 > 7.81473

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