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Author Question: A 3.20 g sample of pyrite (density = 4.5 g /mL0) is placed into a graduated cylinder with 15.64 mL ... (Read 610 times)


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Question 1

A mass of mercury occupies 0.950 L. What volume would an equal mass of methylene chloride occupy? The density of mercury is and the density of methylene chloride is 1.325 g/mL.
◦ 0.00929 L
◦ 9.71 L
◦ 18.1 L
◦ 0.0613 L

Question 2

A 3.20 g sample of pyrite (density = 4.5 g /mL0) is placed into a graduated cylinder with 15.64 mL of water.  What will be the new volume of water?
◦ 14.93
◦ 30.04
◦ 16.35
◦ 0.71 mL

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