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Author Question: Will and Raeanne had been dating for some time and their college graduation is only two months away. ... (Read 21 times)


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Question 1

Which kind of love is typically found in friendships and among family members?
◦ ludus
◦ mania
◦ storge
◦ pragma

Question 2

Will and Raeanne had been dating for some time and their college graduation is only two months away. Raeanne wonders what will happen to their relationship after college-Will has a job prospect in faraway Oregon and they have not talked about it. One evening, Will declares that while he isn't quite ready for an engagement, he will only take the job if such a future includes Raeanne. Their talk is an example of __________.
◦ a turning point
◦ reciprocal self-disclosure
◦ a secret test
◦ tangible reminders

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