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Author Question: Based on current research, which statement is most justified? (Read 9 times)


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Question 1

Adoption studies are typically used
◦ to establish the primary role that the environment plays in most disorders.
◦ to separate the effects of nature and nurture.
◦ to assess the effectiveness of long-term treatment protocols.
◦ in order to isolate the environmental factors that "trigger" a disorder.

Question 2

Based on current research, which statement is most justified?
◦ Genetics play such a strong role, they are a sufficient condition for schizophrenia.
◦ Genetics increase a person's vulnerability to develop schizophrenia.
◦ Genetics may not be sufficient for schizophrenia, but everyone who develops schizophrenia must have some number of "schizophrenia genes."
◦ Genetics cannot play a significant role in the cause of schizophrenia because most people with the disorder have no close relatives who have it.

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