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Author Question: The term "demence precoce" was used by Benedict Morel to describe schizophrenia and to also explain the (Read 10 times)


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Question 1

The majority of cases of schizophrenia begin in
◦ late adulthood or old age.
◦ late adolescence or early adulthood.
◦ late childhood or early adolescence.
◦ there is no age where the majority of cases begin.

Question 2

The term "demence precoce" was used by Benedict Morel to describe schizophrenia and to also explain the
◦ lack of brain damage that characterizes the brain of most schizophrenics.
◦ effectiveness of psychological treatments for schizophrenia.
◦ transient nature of most schizophrenias.
◦ difference between schizophrenia and dementias of old age.

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