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Because of recent curriculum changes in word recognition, word lists tests at the beginning levels should be comprised primarily of words that
  a. contain a limited number of letters.
  b. can be decoded with basic phonics skills.
  c. appear most frequently in children's books.
  d. children use everyday in their conversations.

Question 2

You're in the cafeteria one day, monitoring your class as they are getting their lunches and sitting down. Several of the girls in your class are seated at a table, and Nadja sits down, apparently hoping to join them. The leader of the group, Lisa, whispers something to all the other girls, who promptly get up and move to another table. Later, Nadja says to you, Lisa told everyone I have lice.. It's possible that these interactions represent a form of bullying. Which form?
  a. cyberbullying
  b. nonverbal aggression
  c. relational aggression
  d. direct physical aggression

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