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Author Question: Why did music publishing develop after book publishing? a) There was little demand for printed ... (Read 264 times)


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Why did music publishing develop after book publishing?
  a) There was little demand for printed music.
  b) It was will faster to copy music manuscripts by hand.
  c) A page of printed music involved notes, lines, and texts.
  d) Composers had no interest in selling their music.

Question 2

When Fanny was 15, her father Abraham wrote to her that __________.
  a) music will always remain but an ornament for her, and she should not try to have a career as a composer
  b) she should ignore the way that society kept women hidden, and she should follow her dreams
  c) she would do well just to get married and have children, and she could perhaps have a performing career like Clara Schumann
  d) he was disowning her, but he would continue to fully support her younger brother

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Answer to Question 1


Answer to Question 2



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