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Author Question: Replacing coaxial trunking cable with fiber cable in the new cable TV network allowed for: A) ... (Read 61 times)


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Replacing coaxial trunking cable with fiber cable in the new cable TV network allowed for:
  A) channelized pipe that could be used to segment services such as voice, video, and data
  B) additional bandwidth
  C) elimination of line amplifiers
  D) two-way transmission
  E) all of the above

Question 2

In replacing the old analog equipment with new high-speed digital equipment and transforming the outside plant into a high-speed, digital fiber-optic network, the only portion of the network that was not touched was the:
  A) subscriber drop B) head-end office C) trunking cable D) feeder cable

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Answer to Question 1


Answer to Question 2


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