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Author Question: Two deuterium nuclei, H, fuse to produce a tritium nucleus, H, plus an ordinary hydrogen nucleus, H. ... (Read 89 times)


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Two deuterium nuclei, H, fuse to produce a tritium nucleus, H, plus an ordinary hydrogen nucleus, H. A neutral deuterium atom has a mass of 2.014102 u; a neutral tritium atom has a mass of 3.016050 u; a neutral hydrogen atom has a mass of 1.007825 u; a neutron has a mass of 1.008665 u; and a proton has a mass of 1.007277 u. How much energy is released in this fusion process? (1 u = 931.5 MeV/c2)
◦ 4.53 MeV
◦ 3.03 MeV
◦ 4.03 MeV
◦ 6.58 MeV
◦ 3.53 MeV

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