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Author Question: Assign the appropriate labels to the phase diagram shown below. (Read 1112 times)


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Question 1

Identify triple point.
◦ the temperature at which the solid and liquid coexist
◦ the temperature that is unique for a substance
◦ the temperature at which the boiling point equals the melting point
◦ the temperature and pressure where liquid, solid, and gas are equally stable and are in equilibrium
◦ the temperature, pressure, and density for a gas

Question 2

Assign the appropriate labels to the phase diagram shown below.

◦ A = liquid, B = solid, C = gas, D = critical point
◦ A = liquid, B = gas, C = solid, D = triple point
◦ A = solid, B = gas, C = liquid, D = supercritical fluid
◦ A = gas, B = liquid, C = solid, D = critical point
◦ A = gas, B = solid, C = liquid, D = triple point

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