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Author Question: The Snack Hut sells fudge, cashews, and caramel corn. They sold 10,000 units last year. Caramel corn ... (Read 19 times)


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The Snack Hut sells fudge, cashews, and caramel corn.  They sold 10,000 units last year.  Caramel corn outsold cashews by a ratio of 2 to 1.  Sales of fudge were the same as sales of cashews.  Fixed costs for The Snack Hut are $19,500. Additional information follows:

ProductUnit Sales PricesUnit Variable Cost
Caramel Corn$6.00$4.50

The weighted average contribution margin for the three products of The Snack Hut is
◦ $3.00.
◦ $12.00.
◦ $2.44.
◦ $48.00.

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