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Question 1

Use the preference table to answer the question.

Diners at the Joie de Vivre restaurant answer a questionnaire about their favorite course in a French meal. The choices are: Appetizer (A), Entree (E), and Dessert (D). Their votes are summarized in the following table.

Which course is selected as the most favorite using the plurality-with-elimination method?
◦ Entree
◦ Appetizer
◦ Tie between Dessert and Entree
◦ Dessert

Question 2

Use the preference table to answer the question.

Four students are running for president of their graduating class: Debra (D), Farah (F), Jorge (J), and The votes of their fellow students are summarized in the following preference table.

Who is declared the new president using the plurality-with-elimination method?
◦ Debra
◦ Farah
◦ Jorge
◦ Hillary

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