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Question 1

Use the preference table to answer the question.

Diners at the Joie de Vivre restaurant answer a questionnaire about their favorite course in a French meal. The choices are: Appetizer (A), Entree (E), and Dessert (D). Their votes are summarized in the following table.

Which course is selected as the most favorite using the pairwise comparison method?
◦ Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert in a three-way tie
◦ Tie between Appetizer and Entree
◦ Tie between Entree and Dessert
◦ Tie between Appetier and Dessert

Question 2

Use the preference table to answer the question.

Four students are running for president of their dormitory: Debra (D), Farah (F), Jorge (J), and The votes of their fellow students are summarized in the following preference table.

Who is declared the new president using the pairwise comparison method?
◦ Hillary
◦ Debra
◦ Jorge
◦ Farah

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