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A hypothetical management science problem requires us to find the cheapest "supercircuit" in a graph. Three algorithms are available: Algorithm 1, Algorithm 2, and Algorithm 3.

Algorithm 3 never produces a supercircuit that is off by more than 10% from the cheapest supercircuit. The amount of time that it takes to carry out Algorithm 3 is: 1 second for a graph with 5 or less vertices, 30 seconds for a graph with 6 vertices, for a graph with 7 vertices, and so on, increasing by 10 seconds every time we add a vertex (from 7 vertices on). Algorithm 3 is
◦ an approximate and efficient algorithm.
◦ an approximate and inefficient algorithm.
◦ an optimal and efficient algorithm.
◦ an optimal and inefficient algorithm.
◦ none of these

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Wow, this really help


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YES! Correct, THANKS for helping me on my review


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