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Author Question: What does Osgood mean by unstructured socializing? (Read 15 times)


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Question 1

What do emerging adults cite as promoting emotional closeness?
◦ Women cite self-disclosure more often.
◦ Men cite shared activities more often.
◦ Women cite self-disclosure more often and men cite shared activities more often.
◦ Both men and women cite self-disclosure more often.

Question 2

What does Osgood mean by unstructured socializing?
◦ Whereas parents used to structure children's play dates, emerging adults have to arrange their own social activities.
◦ Emerging adults are more likely to engage in risky behaviors because they spend time with friends without a clear goal.
◦ Emerging adults are stressed and would benefit from more unstructured socializing because it would help them calm down.
◦ Because there are few government-sponsored activities for emerging adults, they are responsible for creating them themselves.

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