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Question 1

In which of the following stages of its life cycle does an animal need the most nutrients?
◦ at birth
◦ during senescence
◦ during young adulthood
◦ as a growing fetus

Question 2

In winter, Liza found it a challenge to keep the puppies of her pet Pomeranian warm. The vet suggested keeping the puppies off cold floors and placing plastic bottles filled with warm water around the crib, which she did. Which of the following reasons might most likely cause Liza to be concerned about keeping the newborns warm during the first few weeks after birth?
◦ It is winter and the mother’s body heat will not be enough to keep the puppies warm.
◦ It is critical for their survival to keep them warm during the first few hours and days after birth.
◦ It is important to make them feel secure in their environment.
◦ It is necessary because the young need not use much energy to keep warm and can apply it to growth and development.

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