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Author Question: Arrange the following in order from most oxidized to least oxidized. (Read 759 times)


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Question 1

Find the suitable base for the following reaction:

C6H5OH + :B → C6H5O:- + H:B+

The pKa for C6H5OH (phenol) is 9.88. The formula for the base is followed by the pKa of its conjugate acid.
◦ OH-, pKa = 15.73
◦ CN-, pKa = 9.31
◦ CH3C(=O)CH3, pKa = -7.2
◦ CF3COO-, pKa = 0.23
◦ CH3COO-, pKa = 4.74

Question 2

Arrange the following in order from most oxidized to least oxidized.

◦ III > I > II
◦ II > I > III
◦ II > III > I
◦ I > II > III
◦ III > II > I

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