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Author Question: Which of the following best describes a Para social attachment? (Read 15 times)


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Question 1

Which of the following are reasons that emerging adults are involved in more motor vehicle accidents than adults?
◦ inexperience and lower quality cars driven
◦ risky behaviors and lower quality cars driven
◦ inexperience and risky behaviors
◦ driver's education not required in every state

Question 2

Which of the following best describes a Para social attachment?
◦ Micah has been talking to a woman halfway around the world over Skype after meeting on
◦ Dan uses Facebook to interact with his research colleagues at other universities.
◦ Kari thinks of Jen as one of her friends, even though she has never met her and only watched YouTube cooking videos of her.
◦ Nolan likes to take videos of his cats and upload them to YouTube. He smiles whenever someone "likes" his videos.

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