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After indoor recess, a first-grade teacher notices that children have left toys, games, and puzzle pieces scattered throughout the room. How can the teacher best address students' responsibility in cleaning up their materials?
  A) Stay after school to clean up after the children so that the custodian is not upset.
  B) Inform students that none of the centers will be available again if they don't put things away neatly.
  C) Assign seatwork instead of indoor recess the following week.
  D) Model and practice how to put materials away and stop the play several minutes in advance to allow for this to become part of children's daily routine.

Question 2

A representative of a parent group affiliated with the school approaches a teacher about making improvements to the playground. She asks for suggestions from the teacher about establishing a creative, safe play environment for students. What are good suggestions the teacher can offer?
  A) Remove all the existing equipment and replace the surface with natural materials that provide some cushioning so that wide, open spaces are maximized.
  B) Gather information on children's preferences and developmentally appropriate play spaces, consider how many children can be accommodated by each piece of equipment, designate areas in which children can engage in different types of outdoor activities, and consider how to make the playground accessible to children with special needs.
  C) Hire a professional designer to make the playground visually appealing to adults and install as much stationary new equipment as the group can afford.
  D) Focus on inexpensive equipment (e.g., balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, hopscotch) to get the most for the money spent.

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