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Author Question: Which of the following statements about the regions of Mexico is not true? (Read 28 times)


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Question 1

The smallest chili commonly used in Mexico that is quite hot but has a complex, fruity flavor is the __________.
◦ cascabel
◦ piquin
◦ chili de arbol
◦ chipotle

Question 2

Which of the following statements about the regions of Mexico is not true?
◦ Northern Mexico has deserts, mountains, hot temperatures, and flour tortillas.
◦ Yucatan is a place of beaches and wonderful seafood dishes, pit roasting, and the ancestral home of the Toltecs.
◦ Central Mexico is the soul of Mexico, home to Mexico City, the capitol and largest city.
◦ Southern Mexico is tropical and the Land of the Seven Moles.

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